About AniMark

AniMark is an independent Australian public company limited by guarantee, specialising in the development and adoption of standards-based certification programs.

AniMark’s standards-setting process is based on science, research and international precedents.

AniMark’s flagship certification program is the Livestock Global Assurance Program or LGAP, which aims to foster world’s best practice in the welfare and management of livestock.

AniMark has been granted an Exporter Supply Chain Assurance Operator Approved Arrangement from the Department of Agriculture Water and the Environment so we can provide LGAP to the live export industry.

Our Purpose

To set standards and monitor conformance for the ethical handling and management of livestock.

Our Vision

To be the international leader in the certification of agricultural supply chains.

Our Foundations

AniMark is built on the foundations of independence, integrity and transparency.

LGAP at a glance

  • Animals

    LGAP promotes the humane and ethical treatment of livestock. It defines consistent, evidence-based, scientific standards and provides assurances that appropriate practices are being fulfilled.

  • Livestock Industry

    LGAP provides an effective, direct and efficient mechanism to assist in the monitoring of animal welfare and management outcomes through the supply chain. The livestock export industry has developed LGAP to help demonstrate their compliance with the Australian Government’s regulatory framework ESCAS.

  • Government

    LGAP is the regulatory enabler which complements and demonstrates compliance with ESCAS. LGAP delivers audit independence, direct supply chain accountability and provides an evidence-based approach to managing nonconformities.

  • In-market Participants

    LGAP provides opportunities for facilities and operators to improve practices and conduct their operations in line with internationally accepted animal welfare requirements, while demonstrating their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

  • Community

    The community can be confident that participants certified under LGAP are conforming to appropriate standards of animal welfare and management, are accountable for their performance and that the Australian Government maintains its regulatory oversight of the trade.

AniMark is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. You can access our full privacy policy here:

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