Steps to become LGAP Certified

Things to do before applying:

  1. Read and understand the certification requirements here: LGAP Certification Rules
  2. Have your site, contact details and internal auditor details ready
  3. Be ready to pay your application fee ($200AUD non-refundable)

What do I need to do?

  1. Use our online form to lodge your application.
  2. Complete the form, including some self-assessment questions and submit your payment. AniMark will review and send you access to the AniMark Conformance System (our IT system) if your application is accepted.
    AniMark will allocate your application to an Approved Certification Body who will conduct the audit and certification.
  3. Next, login to the AniMark Conformance System and when you are ready complete your first internal audit.
  4. Once your internal audit is completed, an external audit will then be conducted by an LGAP Approved Auditor.
  5. If the Approved Auditor finds any nonconformities, you need to close them out before certification can be granted.
  6. Once all nonconformities are closed, the Approved Certification Body will finalise the certification and issue an LGAP Certificate of Conformity. If your assurance fee hasn’t been paid this will hold up your certificate being issued.
  7. You are now certified! You will then be invoiced your membership fee.
  8. To maintain certification, you must complete your internal audits in the AniMark Conformance System and undergo external audits at the frequency set by your risk rating result (low, medium or high).
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