LGAP v2.0

AniMark undertook a project in 2020, at the request of the Australian Livestock Exporters Council (ALEC), to develop a traceability systems standard to address challenges associated with control and traceability (C&T) in Australia’s livestock export markets. A new LGAP Standard was developed – LGAP 1004 Livestock Assurance – Requirements for traceability systems used by Operators and Facilities and updates to the existing LGAP Standards and Rules were implemented to enable LGAP1004.

The new standard sets out requirements against which any traceability system, anywhere in the world, can be assessed. The Standard will distribute responsibility for traceability more equitably through the supply chain, standardise and enhance traceability performance and will provide a critical foundation to support industry’s efforts to reduce incidents of leakage in-market. It can be applied on a voluntary basis by certified Operators or Facilities wishing to have their own internal system certified under LGAP or by third party providers of traceability systems.

The Standard has been written to accommodate the diversity of practices that currently exist in the different markets, such as traceability systems provided by:

  • individual feedlots or abattoirs;
  • exporters or importers, which are made available to feedlots or abattoirs; or
  • “third party” systems installed or utilised in feedlots or abattoirs (with or without external staff).

LGAP 1004, and associated changes to the existing LGAP Standards and Rules represent the most effective, practical and globally applicable approach to address the root causes of control and traceability noncompliances.

The Standards, approved by the AniMark Standards Committee, were subject to a 60 day period of public comment and AniMark.

To remain transparent a register of all the comments (de-identified) and changes are available here. Find out more about LGAP1004 here.

When will LGAP v2.0 be implemented? 

LGAPv2.0 has been approved by the Department of Agriculture Water and Environment as the current version of LGAP. AniMark is working with ALEC, exporters and other stakeholders on LGAP implementation generally.

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