AniMark is governed by an independent skills-based board with three members, including the Chair.

AniMark has two independent committees; the Rules and Integrity Committee and a Standards Committee in place to provide expertise on the implementation of LGAP.


Board of Directors

Peter Wells


Katie Payten
Terence Enright
Stephen Barnard

Chief Executive Officer

Rules and Integrity Committee

  • The Rules and Integrity Committee is responsible for the development, recommendation and maintenance of the rules governing participation in the Program and any intellectual property associated with these Certification Rules.
  • This Committee may also be called upon to assist in areas which impact the integrity of the Program.
  • Specifically, the Committee:
    • has jurisdiction over the existing Certification Rules and how they are implemented, along with consideration of any changes to the Certification Rules where required.
    • may determine the interpretation of the Certification Rules in order to achieve the practical operation of LGAP.
    • determines the various Program participants’ responsibilities and obligations.
    • has responsibility for ensuring the integrity of the Program including how Certification Bodies and Auditors are appointed, approval of these bodies and ongoing performance monitoring of the Approved Certification Bodies and Auditors.
  • In addition, the Committee may:
    • consider or advise on complaints, the complaints handling process, investigations and the outcomes of investigations.
    • monitor or advise on nonconformance, escalation, suspensions and withdrawals in consideration of how these impact the Certification Rules.

Standards Committee

  • The Standards Committee is responsible for the development, recommendation and maintenance of the LGAP Standards and any intellectual property associated with these LGAP Standards.
  • Specifically, the Committee:
    • has responsibility for developing and maintaining the LGAP Standards which includes drafting and discussing content, considering comments from market feedback and public comment, redrafting and amending standards, and making recommendations for standards approval and adoption to the Program Owner.
    • may determine the interpretation of the standards’ requirements in order to achieve the practical operation of LGAP.
  • AniMark Standards Committee Members:
    • Dr Roly Nieper – Chair
    • Dr David Beggs
    • Nick Crichton
    • John Cunnington
    • Graeme Drake
    • Jason Hatchett
    • Dr Mahmoud Odeh
    • Greg Pankhurst
    • Dr Peter Thornber

Our History

  • 2011 

    ESCAS introduced by the Australian Government to provide a new regulatory framework for the livestock export industry covering the entire export supply chain and making exporters responsible for maintaining control, traceability and welfare of livestock in overseas markets from the point of disembarkation to the point of slaughter. At the same time, the Australian Government commissioned an independent review of the livestock export trade by Bill Farmer AO, who recommended the industry explore the application of a quality assurance (QA) scheme

  • 2012 

    Industry initiates research into the role quality assurance and risk assessment may have in assisting exporters demonstrate compliance with ESCAS.

  • 2014 

    A research project is funded through the Livestock Export Program (LEP), a joint R&D partnership between the Australian Government, Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and LiveCorp. A conformity assessment and certification program was developed and trialled.

  • 2015 

    The Program becomes known as the Livestock Global Assurance Program (LGAP) and provides assurances that animals are treated based on internationally and scientifically recognised practices which align to the animal welfare, traceability and control requirements under ESCAS (from discharge up to and including point of slaughter in-market).

  • 2016 

    The Minister requests an implementation plan from Australian Live Exporters Council (ALEC) in order to access funding for LGAP.

  • 2017 

    The LGAP implementation steering committee (known as LISC and comprising ALEC, LiveCorp, MLA, Sheep Producers Australia (SPA), Cattle Council of Australia (CCA), Goat Industry Council of Australia (GICA) and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources) is put in place and develops the LGAP implementation plan as documented in the LISC Report. The Australian Government commits $8.3 million in the 2017/18 Budget to the development and implementation of LGAP.

  • 2018 

    ALEC membership endorses the establishment of LGAP. In addition, LiveCorp, ALEC, CCA, SPA and GICA become AniMark’s founding members, recognising the importance of having a new entity, independent of industry and government and guided by a professional management team to administer and implement LGAP. AniMark is registered as an Australian public company, first charged with delivering certification program LGAP. The company is incorporated in June 2018 and the initial board members are appointed. Work commences to establish and implement an independent governance framework.

  • 2019 

    Two additional independent Board directors are appointed and AniMark’s management team is formed. Program implementation commences.

  • 2020 

    LGAP Standards and Rules reviewed for currency, Certification Bodies approved, IT system developed, LGAP training materials developed and training delivered to Auditors and industry. Department accepted LGAP audits in place of ESCAS audits from October 2020.

  • 2021 

    Two test audits in Vietnam. AniMark granted Approved Arrangement by Department. Published new standard – LGAP1004 for Traceability Systems, Regulatory Approval of LGAP1004.

    Industry delayed LGAP implementation due to COVID.

Annual Reports


The 2018/19 publication can be accessed and downloaded here.

The 2019/20 publication can be accessed and downloaded here.

The 2020/21 publication can be accessed and downloaded here.

Alternatively, hard copies of these publications can be obtained by emailing: [email protected]


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