AniMark Certification Rules and Standards

Version 3.5 is operative as of the 8th of August 2023

Version 3.5 of the Certification Rules can be accessed and downloaded here.

Version 3.5 of the Standards can be accessed and downloaded here.

Alternatively, hard copies of these publications can be obtained by emailing: [email protected]

AniMark LGAP Operational Guidelines (Updated November 2023)

The AniMark LGAP Operational Guidelines outline how AniMark’s LGAP program operates within the ESCAS framework including the legislative basis for AniMark to operate it’s Exporter Supply Chain Assurance Operations (ESCAO) approved arrangement, department verification of AniMark’s activities, AniMark’s reporting obligations and investigation processes for third party reports of LGAP non-conformances. The department has reviewed AniMark’s LGAP Operational Guideline and has confirmed that the content aligns with the department’s understanding and expectations of ESCAO processes/policies and that they are consistent with the department’s view towards ESCAO-certified entities operating under full ESCAO implementation.

A copy of the AniMark LGAP Operational Guidelines can be downloaded here.

The department has also published guidance material which provides further information on roles and responsibilities of the various parties under an ESCAO system, ESCAO reporting obligations and ESCAO approved arrangement processes.

The department’s ESCAO guidance can be found under the ESCAO section of their ESCAS web page here.


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